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Spelt Banana Pancakes
Spelt Banana Pancakes

Adapted from Blendtec Print Recipe Spelt Banana Pancakes My kids asked me to make them these pancakes the other morning. They love the flavor of the banana mixed with the nutty taste of the flaxseed and the spelt. I love that they are easy to make and healthy! With the use of all natural ingredients […]

Reduce Sugar: 9 Ways to Help Families
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CUT DOWN ON SUGAR In recent years researchers have noticed that high amounts of refined sugar are playing a big role in America’s declining health.  Added sugars can be found in most of the processed foods that we consume daily.  This is a problem because we are increasing our intake of calories but not getting […]

Ahhh!!! Frustrated About Healthy Eating In America!

  This is me, late at night, wanting something sweet and ranting about it!  I was doing so good at avoiding the late night sugar attack until a commercial for Haagen Dazs ice cream came on.  My willpower went out the window even though I knew how bad all the extra sugar is for me.  Aaahhh!!!

5 Reasons Sugar Kills

By Carrie Solomon                                                  June 14, 2016   Although sugar is in almost every processed food that we eat, it is the most harmful ingredient in our diet.  The immense addition of fructose and sucrose to our diet has led to harmful effects on our metabolism and several diseases.  Why is this sweet, little, clear cube […]

Chopped Hamburger BBQ Sandwich

I had some leftover hamburger patties from our Memorial Day party.  I knew my picky family wouldn’t eat another hamburger the next day, but I also didn’t want to throw the patties away.  So….I decided to “repurpose” the leftover patties, and this is what happened.  CHOPPED HAMBURGER BBQ SANDWICH!  Super easy and really yummy! Serves: 4 […]

New Food Label

The Food and Drug Administration announced this past week that they will change the appearance and information on the nutrition facts label that consumers have grown accustomed to over the past 20 years.  

Yummy Yogurt and Strawberries

This was my breakfast this morning.  So good the whole family will love it and so healthy you’ll want to serve it!

3 Best Family-Friendly Diet Plans

Three great diets that are safe and flexible enough for Mom and the whole family.   Most diets aren’t about the family, which is a problem.  They are normally a solo adventure.  This makes the whole process (which isn’t easy to begin with) that much more difficult.  Diets often have phases that restrict certain types […]


This was my conversation with my eight year old son three weeks ago.  He used to love chicken.  Actually, despite the fact that I never have really cared for chicken, my whole pregnancy I craved it due to him.  When he was younger chicken was the only meat he would eat.  Now he says he […]